Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Guide

Running on the Amazon or Google Cloud

We define localhost:8080 in dolphinnext/config/.sec file and use that to log in or other operations. You need to change localhost to that IP address or amazon/google domain you use. So static IP address and domainname would solve the issue that you will not need to change it every time you create an instance. Please update BASE_PATH and PUBWEB_URL as follows:

BASE_PATH = http://localhost:8080/dolphinnext
PUBWEB_URL = http://localhost:8080/dolphinnext/tmp/pub


BASE_PATH = http://your_temporary_domain_name:8080/dolphinnext
PUBWEB_URL = http://your_temporary_domain_name:8080/dolphinnext/tmp/pub


Please don’t change other lines because others are used inside of docker.