Developer Tutorial

This guide will walk you through how to start creating new pipelines.

Creating New Pipelines/Processes

Basics of DolphinNext are explained in Developer Tutorial. You can use our UMASS server, or easily pull Docker image of Dolphinnext and start creating pipelines in your local server.

Overview of the Tutorial
  • Tutorial Video
  • Exercise 1: Creating processes (FastQC, Hisat2, RSeQC)
  • Exercise 2: Building a pipeline
  • Exercise 3: Running a pipeline
You can also reach our reference DolphinNext documentation, using following links:

Copying Existing Processes/Pipelines

The simpliest way to edit pipelines is creating a copy of the existing ones by clicking copy pipeline icon which is located just next to pipeline title.


Similarly you can create a copy of process by clicking copy process button on the top right of the process window.


Once you copied the pipeline/process, you will own all the permissions of your process/pipeline and you can easily modify and save on your version.